Corporate identity

Czech Ice Hockey

We have spent the past two years working on this unique project. The result is the complete re-branding of the umbrella organization of Czech Republic’s most popular sport, including a change of the organization’s name and logo.

2015 IIHF World Championship

For the world championship we put together complete infotainment, including the concept of the game show, the production of audio-visual materials, and the control of the video cube in both Prague and Ostrava.

Czech Olympic Team

For the Czech Olympic Committee, we produced all video materials and we administered their YouTube channel.

Czech Ice Hockey Association

We designed a playful logo and a set of graphic elements that accompany the campaign across all communication channels.

AC Sparta Prague

In the 2016/2017 season, Sparta celebrated the 100 years anniversary of its Letná stadium. We prepared a number of jingles and an introduction video for the in-game infotainment that is shown on the jumbotron. All the visuals were based on the famous stadium – we applied all the messages on its walls.

HC Motor České Budějovice

We produced the whole game, including the creation of animations and graphics for the video cube, the provision of special software for fan check-in, and mainly unique video-mapping, for which we provided the hardware with an operator.

FBC Česká Lípa

When designing the new visual identity, we wanted to emphasize the confidence and unique nature of the club within the region. We chose the heart-shaped linden tree as the central motif (Lípa is the Czech for linden tree), which also represents the center of the tree, embodying the strength and family nature of the club.